CUTBACKS to wheelie bin collections have been slammed by Bonnybridge locals. The changes to green and brown bin uplift mean that some do not know when their rubbish will be picked up. Green bins will now be collected every four weeks instead of three, while brown bins will be every four instead of two. Councillor Tom […]

A Critical Analysis of the World Bank

To understand the World Bank it is prudent to look at the history, and from there it is viable to consider and critically analyze the World Bank and its many facets and branches. As well as how the World Bank is set up. As World War 2 was raging across Europe and Asia, the need […]

Taking a Step Forward

The community group Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway Station, founded in 2015, held a meeting for elected officials on Friday, 28th October, with the intention of bringing the members together to show the present place on the campaign and get a united front on the topic to move forward in getting the required report. The group invited […]

My Plan

In July I spent 2 of the best weeks in a country I feel closer to home than any other, yes I am a proud Scotsman however Suomi, will always be home for me, its one of the only places I feel myself.  One of the great things I managed to do, besides, go canoeing, be […]

Isle of Lewis

On the 24th of July I finally managed to get to the Isle of Lewis, this is an interesting one for many reasons, mainly considering my registered campus for University is on the Isle of Lewis.  I have never been their before, I have never seen my campus.  This was no ordinary visit though, this […]

Farewell Greens

After over 2 years in the Scottish Greens, i have resigned in protest over the way the party handles complaints. For over a year a friend has been sexually harassed in the party, yet no investigation, no warnings, nothing is being done to stop it happening again, the reason is the same one that has […]

My Eurovision Picks

Well I am a big Eurovision fan, and I was sad to be unable to vote for Finland, Greece and Estonia, but alas their entries were not that strong, so from top to bottom here is my order, quite surprising even for me: Cyprus Russia Austria Serbia Germany Malta Ukraine Croatia Italy Poland The Netherlands […]

Walking towards a great gala day for all

A group of councillors joined around 50 Bonnybridge residents on Saturday for a walk to raise funds for the local gala day. Provost Pat Reid, with councillors Linda Gow, Dennis Goldie and Adrian Mahoney set off from the Kelpies at 9am last Saturday heading to Bonnybridge. Among those taking part were members of the Monday […]