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Almost Lost

Almost lost,
Almost dead,
Almost here.
Almost there,
Almost time,
Almost better.

Almost lost my mind,
When she left,
Almost dead,
When she left me
Almost here,
Here is the pain she left,
Almost time,
Time heals all,
I’m almost better.

Almost healed,
Almost back,
Almost missed,
Almost lost,
Almost cared,
Almost cried,

Almost healed,
Thanks to you,
Almost back,
Back to my old self,
Almost missed my chance,
But I took it, and it came through,
Almost lost you,
But you chose me, and for that I thank you,
Almost cared,
Well for you I do,
Almost cried,
I do every time we part.

I want to love you,
I want your love,
I want to be with you,
Today, tomorrow and forever.

Soon I shall be with you,
If but for a day,
Soon we shall be together,
I long for that day,
I dread that day, I wish for that day.

The day when we meet,,
Day when we find out if we are who we say,
Judgement day,
I know when that day comes and goes,
I shall always want you,
My dearest,
Almost Lost

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