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Getting to Know: Douglas

1. What got you involved with SMF?
I was a carry over from YSE (See Since SMF had a LOT of the features that I needed when I made my first YSE post, I had no issue being part of the team to facilitate from YSE to SMF.  Also, see for a laugh. Oh and

2. What feature of SMF do you like the most?
Without any hesitation, SSI.php.  I live and die with integrations/hooks/etc.

3. From what you see what do you feel SMF is missing?
Not much.  Aside from and ( basically, requesting ajax updates when a new thread or reply is posted ), it’s pretty good.

4. How do you feel about the transition from LLC to NPO?
I was one of the people that backed the transition, remember?  Not just vocally and in written form, but also financially.  (Don’t forget my “I am SMF!” blog post and my personal thoughts: )

5. Since you have left SMF what have you been up too?
Still tech admining for LRB Sports, Inc. (Formerly SouthernSports Media, Inc – Owner of and Also started and left a web hosting sales job, plus doing web development for real estate and manufacturing companies.  Now making the transition into Sports Media (Radio and online) via and the LRB Sports family

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