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Welcome to my site, on the following pages you will find out about myself, what makes me move, what I like and dislike and what my plans are in life.

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Welcome to my site, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Bryan Deakin, I am a 28 year old, Dyspraxic University student from Scotland. A supporter of the Scottish Green Party, and firm believer in the YES campaign for Scottish Independence. I am also currently an elected Community Councillor for Bonnybridge Community Council. Recently I have also been in training for an event that takes place in Scotland this month.

At University I am studying for a BSc(H) in Sustainable Development, at the UHI Lewis Castle. I was the Project Manager for SMF, a free and open source forum software, and sat on the Board of Directors as Vice President for Simple Machines, the parent company that owns SMF.

This website has been designed to provide an insight into myself, act as a base to work on my coding skills, and to provide an understanding to potential employers, on who I am what I believe and what I am capable of.

Bryan Deakin

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Languages Spoken:

English (Fluently), Scots (Fluently), Finnish (Working Knowledge), Greek (Basics), German (Basics), Estonian (Basics), French (Basics), Spanish (Basics)

Brief Bio:

Born in Falkirk, I am a hard working, loyal individual, who works hard until the end, coding is a hobby for myself, along with Politics. I am an aspiring actor and have appeared in a few movies, including the 2007 Finnish movie Joulutarina. Also I am a keen poet with many poems on my forum and on CreativeBurrow.com. I have lived in both Finland and Greece for varying amount of times. I am actively looking for employment in Environmental Sector or in Politics so I can further my environmental and political knowledge. While I have achieved alot in my life I have the condition known as Dyspraxia.



BSC(H) Sustainable Development


HNC Countryside and Environmental Management
NC Office Technology and Administration

More Information:

For more information on my working history, please visit my Linkedin profile, here you can find a full list of my work experience, skills and recommendations from people I have either studied with or worked with.

Latest Poem

xx Fire Ants

August 20, 2014, 04:46:50 PM by Runic
So a friend and I were talking and he described what it feels like for him not to be on his medication and he gave a lot of good imagery in his descriptions and I saw a poem, so with his permission I wrote it, and used where I could his own wording, so here is the poem, he gave me permission to release this and out of respect I wont say names, so here it is

Fire Ants
by Bryan Runic Deakin

I stopped my medication,
To try and clear my mind,
It was the advice of the doctor,
To clear this matter called my brain.

This is my second attempt,
First one was real tough,
Didn't last that long,
This time I am fighting the rough.

It feels like I have a nest of fire ants
crawling through my brain,
Cant think clear,
And my bones ache.

I need to get off them,
My anti-psychotic medication,
Been on them too long,
But I will fight the fire inside.

It feels as if I have awoken,
From a long term nightmare,
Given me the strength,
To take on the beast of life.

I will fight the demon,
Fight the fire,
Gain control of my life,
Without that medication.
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You can read all my poems on the Forum
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Glasgow 2014 - XX Commonwealth Games

In March 2014, I applied to appear in the XX Commonwealth Games that were being held in Glasgow, an audition was held in April and in May I was accepted to be part of the 900 strong dance group that would dance alongside names such as Kylie Minogue, Lulu, Prides and Deacon Blue in the closing ceremony. I was also privileged to be chosen as a Flag Escort in the ceremony representing not only Scotland but Turks and Caicos Islands standing alongside their chosen Flag Bearer then receiving their flag to perform in the handover ceremony for the Gold Coast 2018, performing a routine on stage with the beautiful and talented Jessica Mauboy. The experience was amazing and has since encouraged me to take more opportunities such as this.

The experience was not only unforgettable but it was one of a kind. Not only meeting some amazing people and making many new friends but learning routines under the watchful eye of Emily Jane Boyle (Sunshine on Leith) and Mark Murphy (Turku City of Culture Opening Ceremony). But also the most amazing dance captains Pauline Joseph (Urbaniks) and Skye Reynolds (Freelance). I would like to not only thank the above people but also my amazing family of Hillhead 1 and the friends I made during my time as a dancer.

I do hope to continue to use my new skills and keep my new fitness up.

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