68 Päivää

68 Päivää just 68! 68 until I will be in my FAVORITE country ever!  A country where I feel at home, a country I feel safe, a country that many people go WTF too, that is right in 68 days I will be in Finland.  An early flight to Amsterdam then a short flight to […]


Listen to your heart, and tell me the truth, The storm cloud lingers, waiting for you. The piano is broken, the rose has died, will there be a phoenix, or just an untold lie. The rain pours, like blanket of tears, another mistake? Or finally a truth? The horse broke free, the cart rolls downhill, […]

Tervetuloa Suomi

Is it not such an amazing sight, the Aurajoki at dusk, in the background we see Turku Energia, the tower has the Fibonacci Sequence in large red lights, a beacon for a wary traveler looking for his house after a drinking session in the local pubs, or clubs, may been Monk, Dynamo or even Forte, this […]

I am at it again ….

­­­­­­­­­­­It’s always a sad state of affairs when members seem to realise more is wrong than the people behind it.  For years now I and many Friends of a known software have stated that there is an issue arising, one that will not go away until it is admitted.  The constant reply from the current […]

Do You Like Me (Version 2)

Simple questions, Do you like me? Do you want to be more than friends? Please dont give glances, Soft whispers, or play mind games. Just answer in a way I can hear. Simple yes or no Lets just be friends or more So yet again, Simple questions Do you like me? Do you want to […]