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Somethings different

So its been a few months since I did anything really to this site, simply as at the start of January I started full-time employment.  So before I continue big HELLO to John who is reading this at work.

While I am working full time, answering calls and making sales for a large telecommunications company, upgrading customers phone, broadband and tv packages.  Getting abuse down the phone when the customer asks for discounts and I advise that I cannot assist.  Besides for the abuse and people yelling the job is fun with a great team.

Alas, my time at this employer is ending as shortly I will be doing what I need to do to keep my sanity.  In April I will be moving to Crete for 7 months for a new job, ok pay is not as good but the benefits are better, 7 months in sun sea and sand, compared to rain in Scotland.   The comparison is poor but accurate.  But it’s funny never thought I would like a call centre job, nor did I ever  think that I would get the opportunity to live abroad again.  But seems both thoughts were wrong.

Now I will end as I get ready to go for an 11hr shift.  Keep checking back for updates and pictures of my travels abroad

30 Jun, 2016

Isle of Lewis

31 Dec, 2015


20 Jul, 2015

Coming To an End