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In my article SMF Free For All, I brought to the publics attention on how team members are now allowed to do work that the CM offers, with others explaining how this is poor for SMF.  After discussion with a lead (JimM) bringing the steering committee to attention of the fact this breaks the team manual.  After JimM relayed a message to myself, I stated that this was a poor show on SMF behalf, and out came the article.

This promoted some action from the committee and they took ity upon themselves to threaten me, below are messages unaltered between kindred and myself:



You have contributed a large amount to SMF in the past. We appreciate those contributions, and even your present “watchdog-type” behavior has its benefits. In light of your past contributions, we have given you a LOT more leeway that we would extend to almost any other user.

However, it has now gone too far.

You present issues which you think require attention to the team. We review those accusations or issues and come to a conclusion about the validity of the issue and consequences, if necessary. We have even communicated back to you with our decisions, instead of just leaving you wondering if we even considered it. It has become clear, though, that when you don’t agree with our team decision, you then immediately post your opinion as “fact” on your site and call the team liars, cheats, thieves and other names. Based on other information, it has come to our attention that you are now spreading your particular poison regarding SMF to other sites and other forum systems as well, claiming that only you have presented the “facts” or the “truth” which the teams are ignoring.

I am sorry if you do not agree with the team decisions. I am sorry if you feel that there has been no positive changes to the team or the team environment. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but this name calling, sniping and otherwise acting out is not acceptable behavior for anyone, let alone one who has an “SMF Friend” title.

This is your final warning. Stop. You have exhausted even my patience at this point and anything further will result in a removal of your “Friend” status and a ban of your account.


My response, please pay attention to the last paragraph where I offer to negotiate with Kindred.


Yet again kindred you are posting what you think if the truth and its complete ballony, I post opinion on my site not fact, granted alot of my opinion has alot of fact as well as you know, now do you remember the team manual?

Kindred, I have alot more that I have not posted, and I am more than willing to make a post attacking you directly, but I am not going to … I have posted changes to the Customization Approval Guidelines … did anyone say thank did they fuck … you cannot take action against me for things that you know are true, and I have said on a site not affiliated to SMF.   I have broken no rule on this site, if I have please tell me … is it not better to come to an agreement than ban completley what looks better?

Since I made the articles all you have done is attack me in PM, and in posts have you tried to reason with me no, you havent, you have threatened me and asked me to stop … but why should I stop when there is nothing to gain for me in stopping, I do hope that you are never asked to be a hostage negotiater as the hostages would prob be dead by now.  You speak of fairness etc but you havent acted fairly, I am more than happy to stop the articles on conditions that you sit down on my site using your own account where you can listen to Arantor, myself, Jblaze and others who have issues and try and come to a resolve, is this not a more mature thing to do?


After a few days, I heard nothing, so earlier on today I sent the following message.


Hello Kindred,

As I have given you a few days already, I am just lettying you know that the offer is on  the table until the 17th of October.

Yours Bryan

The response was what we were expecting, a refusal to listen to what we have to say.



I have not attacked you; we have not called you names nor thrown any accusations against you here. We are acting against your ACTIONS, not against you. Nor is this coming from just me, Although I sent the previous message (as part of my duties) this is from the whole Steering Committee. As for your “threat”, I have no idea what “attacks” you could throw at me, since I haven’t done anything wrong… Finally, with regards to “reasoning with you”; you have no authority nor any input, aside from that which we accept onto the running or the membership of the SMF teams and/or the SM organization. We have been more than patient in accepting and reviewing accusations which, fairly obviously, you are digging down to the bottom of the barrel to find. Although the previous message was a bit harsh, you don’t seem to listen to soft-voices. :(

I have no desire or time, at this point, to sit down with anyone on your site… I posted the two responses from that old account (which you then banned) to address the issue that you brought up. More importantly, I do not need or want yet another account on yet another site… If you (or those others) have issues, raise them in the friends board. I refuse to be “blackmailed” in general, let alone by op-ed pieces which are so obviously slanted. You presented your issues. We reviewed them each time and either talked with the user or discounted the accusations as baseless (or, in one case, not our bailiwick to deal with)
(I will note that I rarely, if every read your or arantor’s sites, even as a guest, for the same reasons listed above.)

I am busy with the work of getting/keeping SM on track (slow as it is) and my own RL. I don’t have time to deal with this crap that keeps getting thrown around.


My response pulling a few incorrect issues in his post:



Yes you did attack me, and your account is not banned, it has not been banned since a few days after you posted in friend board, so I would appreciate you having the correct facts.  I have not threatened SMF in any way and fact you feel this does make me worry about your state of mind in thinking this, maybe this could be language barrier difference between english and american english.  And I am more than happy tyo listen to soft voice if they are reasonable, as I stated you nor anyone has attempted to reason with me.

Now its interesting the issues I have started, now that is harsh I did not start any issues, everything I have stated is in public eye and it is not solely myself more andm ore people each day are agreeing with what we are saying.  Now why do I get sense that if someone else raised them they would be looked at in more serious issue, but because it was myself it wasnt taken as serious, now please dont deny this as it has been pointed out that myself and others are pariahed and even groundup has agreed.

If you have no time for the “crap” as you call it being thrown around, are you really best for the position as this “crap” has been thrown around for many years since before I even joined the team, this does make me wonder do you really want SMF to change for better or change for the sake of changing.

Please have a nice day.


P.S I dont wish to sound evil or mean but please think more about what I have said and read the team boardsmore as you will be shocked to see that I am correct.

After 5 minutes I had a nagging feeling about one part of his message so I sent this asking, how can teh friends post issues about the team politics when we are forbidden to do so, does this not sound contradictory to you all??


Hello Kindred,

I appologise for the double message in a short space of time, one thing came to me, you mention raise issues in friends board, we all know that goes against the rule that was laid down and has never been fully revoked that friends are not allowed to post about smf politics on smf forum, so this is a slight issue, how can I bring things up when we are not allowed to.




well, that “rule” was put in place by the “previous administration”

However, the intention of the rule was not to stifle discussion, but rather to make it clear that the Friends have no specific input into the running of the teams. In other words, RAISING an issue is fine….   but TELLING the team “you must do this” or “I demand…” or “if you don’t, I’ll…”    is non-constructive as well as disruptive.




As you know that was not what the post said.


This was the last message that was sent or recieved, and I will update this post when more are recieved, but its clear to see that SMF are not open to negotiations, even when its in best interest to SMF, as it would mean less dirt on the team is uncovered.


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